2002 Lakeview Cellars Meritage VQA Niagara Peninsula VQA‏

2002 Lakeview Cellars Meritage VQA Niagara Peninsula VQA

2002 Lakeview Cellars Meritage VQA Niagara Peninsula VQA

I have had this bottle in my cellar for years and have thought of opening it many times. I never really thought it the right occasion or something else would pique my interest and I would choose that bottle instead. Turns out that it is wasn’t me that picked this bottle to open, but my beautiful wife that finally grabbed it and popped the cork. Actually, cork would be a misnomer as it turned out to be sealed with a synthetic “cork”, not known for being preferred for aging wines.

After passing me a glass and asking, “Does this smell off to you?” I closed my eyes, took a big whiff and responded “It sure doesn’t smell on!” With trepidation and reluctance, I took a very small sip. Good or bad, I pride myself on trying to convey the essence of the wines I taste. The time spent in bottle definitely did not improve this wine.

With a nose of melting crayon, nail polish remover, and windshield washer fluid, the colour revealed no hint of brick on the rim, something I expected from 13 years in bottle. The mouthfeel was ultra-tangy, like licking a zipper with a piece of aluminum foil in my mouth. Flavours of rotten cherries, freshly laid asphalt, and spoiled dill pickle juice. The synthetic cork was encrusted with small tartrate crystals. In this case not wine diamonds, more like wine cubic zirconias. Thoroughly awful and repugnant.