2007 Ravine Vineyards Meritage Red VQA St. Davids Bench VQA

2007 Ravine Vineyards Meritage Red VQA St. Davids Bench VQA

2007 Ravine Vineyards Meritage Red VQA St. Davids Bench VQA

A rainy late summer afternoon, the Toronto Blue Jays on the radio and the suggestion from a good friend to open a 2007 Ontario Pinot Noir. No ’07 Pinots in the cellar so went with another ’07 red, a 2007 Ravine Vineyard Meritage Red VQA St. Davids Bench VQA I bought for myself on my birthday in 2009 at the winery. The voluptuous bottle hints at the gorgeous nectar inside like a beautiful woman in stunning black dress.

Colour of opaque crimson with a whisper of garnet on the rim. Nose of juicy red raspberries, rain-dampened violets, white pepper, cherry jam. A symphony of flavours roll over the palate with bright red fruit of cherries, raspberries and overripe red currants, all sprinkled with white pepper. Balance and elegance in the interplay of seductive fruit and evolved tannins. Glorious, truly the sum is greater than the parts. Pure expression of the elegance, I wish I had bought a case…

2007 Flat Rock Cellars Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling VQA Twenty Mile Bench VQA

Flat Rock Cellars 2007 Nadja's Vineyard Riesling VQA Twenty Mile Bench VQA

2007 Flat Rock Cellars Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling VQA Twenty Mile Bench VQA

This wine was opened on the evening of October 27th, 2014 while waiting in anticipation for the Caledon Municipal Election results. I picked this wine up at the Flat Rock Cellars winery on a birthday trip down to the Niagara Region in 2009.

The screw cap had held very well. The pale golden hue set the stage for the nose of sweet petrol notes, tart green apple, and a slight floral high note. The flavours in the mouth were zest of lemon and lime grated with flat beach stones, the ones perfect for skipping. On the backend there was lemon curd tartlet, with a gentle whisper of petrol.

Complex yet crisp and clean. Lovely, simply lovely.

2007 Nyarai Cellars Vertitas VQA Niagara Peninsula VQA

After an eventful day of falling down my stairs and putting on a cooking demonstration at the Bolton Farmers’ Market, I needed a glass of wine. A quick look and some contemplation in the cellar as to what wine would suit the mood. My choice was the 2007 Nyarai Cellars Vertitas VQA Niagara Peninsula VQA. The twist-off closure seemed appropriate for the setting.

Nyarai Cellars Veritas 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula

Nyarai Cellars Veritas 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula

Blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Vibrant colour of ruby red with a garnet brick rim. Wonderful nose of perfumed flowers (think sugared violets), pleasant medicinal hint, granite stoniness, inky black berries. The palate is refined elegance with multiple layers of flavours – white pepper, gentle spiciness, over-ripe raspberries, red plum and integrated fine tannins. With time the nose evolved to mushrooms and cherries and the flavours of smoked meats and peppered cherry jam emerged. The truth is that this wine is outstanding, drinking perfectly now, I feel that I opened it at the exact right moment. Multi-dimensional – sweet (but dry), spicy, savoury – a wine like fine barbeque.

2007 Terra Noble Gran Reserva Maule Valley Carménère from Chile

2007 Terra Noble Gran Reserva Maule Valley Carménère

2007 Terra Noble Gran Reserva Maule Valley Carménère

I had a request from the beautiful wife to make a beef stew for dinner on Saturday and needed a red wine to include in the brew. Since most of my recent bottles have been Ontario Wine I decided to go for something international. A look through the cellar for something appropriate yielded the 2007 Terra Noble Gran Reservea Maule Valley Carménère from Chile. I wanted something that would have flavours to complement the hearty stew.

This Carménère is the first single varietal wine I have tasted of this somewhat elusive grape. A quick internet search brought me to the wikipedia page for Carménère that gave me some more background on this varietal that at one time was believed to be extinct. Considered to be a sibling of Merlot I looked forward to seeing how this example compared to one of my other favourite varietals.

The nose upon opening instantly triggered a memory of a distinct aroma: Black Cherry Jell-O Powder. This was followed by roasted beets and dark red fruit. I was somewhat surprised by the inky red colour, akin to roasted beets, as I expected more lightness from the bottle age. The palate was black cherry, roasted beets and stewed meat with smooth dry tannins. With time the nose turned inky, deeper in intensity, with notes of graphite, smoked meat and tobacco. The palate changed as well turning to dark fruits, boysenberries, blackberries, hint of blueberries. With flavours darker than the colour and impressive length, there was nothing transcendent about this wine but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

Thirty Bench 2007 Small Lot Riesling Icewine VQA Beamsville Bench

Thirty Bench Small Lot Riesling Icewine VQA Beamsville Bench 2007

Thirty Bench Small Lot Riesling Icewine VQA Beamsville Bench 2007

I recently had the luxury of going to Acapulco Mexico with my beautiful wife’s family for a wedding and brought this bottle of Ontario, Canada VQA Icewine with me. I know that Mexico has many pleasures to indulge in but I wanted a piece of home to enjoy on a quiet night with the woman I love.

We opened this fine bottle I have had in the cellar for a number of years on a quiet night once the girls had fallen asleep, tired from a long day of sun, heat and swimming. Our room’s ice bucket worked as a perfect chiller and a quick trip to the lobby bar with bottle in-hand worked to free this glorious juice as I neglected to bring a corkscrew. I poured a sample for Martin the bartender in thanks for opening and the look on his face was wonderful, a picture of total surprise as he had never tried an Icewine before. I asked if he liked it, although I knew instantly he did.

A quick trip back up the elevator and out to our 13th floor balcony overlooking the Acapulco Bay. After first sniff the beautiful wife instantly said tangerines and I agreed, along with some other candied tropical fruits (pineapple, maybe a little mango), replayed on the palate with a seamless vein of acidity that cut through the gentle sweetness, a finish that begged for another sip. The only thing I could think of to describe the colour would be an Acapulco sunset. Fine company, fine wine and a transcendent view of the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Truly a memorable experience.